The Start-up Makeup Kit for Beginners

So I know the whole starting up a makeup collection can be quite daunting for someone new to the world of make-up. But chill, I gots you! My sista +ItsMyRayeRaye has posted this very informative video for you guys and when I saw it I thought…”Wait up, my girls gotta see this !”, so here it is – The Start-up Makeup Kit for Beginners- yes I know I’m awesome like that 🙂 lol  (jokes)


So you probably wondering..I’m not in the US, where can I get these in South Africa?…….
Gurrrlllll that’s what I’m here for!! 😉

You can purchase most of you makeup from Clicks, +Dischem Pharmaceuticals  , Edgars, and +MAC Cosmetics stores countrywide. These stores are almost everywhere in SA.. really I haven’t seen a place that doesn’t have at least one of these :0

And you can also check out Signature Cosmetic Stores, that’s where I get my everyday makeup brushes………so what’s left……oh ja……….getting creative!!!!!

As always God bless and smoochies,

Miss Gee


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