SUMMER 2015 TREND REPORT – As Seen On Fashion Week Runway

Hey Loves,

So summer is starting for some of you like in the US, and here in SA we are in the middle of the season and have been milking it for all it’s worth since the weather has been an ongoing on and off between sunshine and rain.

Here is my top 5 roundup of the spring/summer ’15 trends that are sure going to influence what we wear this season, as seen on all the major runways.

1. The 70s Look

We are doing hip and boho chic this year as Tommy Hilfiger amongst others let go of the slim fit and opted for flared bottoms a’ la disco fever. Flared bottoms, crochet tops, fringe, billowy dresses, major florals, and flared jumpsuits are a must in one’s closet.

As seen on Tommy Hilfiger

(Picture courtesy of

2. Tulle

Yes tulle is not for tutus only anymore, we all wanna flounce around in airy bubbles; and we are allowed to this season! A simple layered tulle circle skirt is a must have for this season (tutorial coming up on my YouTube Channel).

As seen on Christopher Kane

christopher kane_Fotor_Collage
(Pictures from

3. Elongated Silhouettes

We are going long and slim to just above the knee; and letting our bottoms explored underneath this season. So yes we will be flouncing around in fishtail skirts and flared pants that are narrowed down and structurally controlled by a slimmer top. A sleek tunic top and flouncy midi skirt is a must have in your closet.

As seen on DKNY

( Pictures courtesy

4. Denim

Denim is her to stay but with a total twist in the structuring of the clothes seen on the runway. Think patchwork, parkas, and buckles. Denim is such a versatile fabric and can integrated into any closet in different forms; and yes give the skinny jeans a break and go for dresses, jumpsuits, tunics e.t.c

As seen on Stella McCartney

(Pictures courtesy )

5. Suede

I know you probably thinking “what!”, but wait give me a chance here. If you opt for a lighter, more airy version of the material in pastels or neutrals you definitely can pull off this trends this season and be uber chic too! I personally will stick to  bags and shoes in bright summery colors.

As seen on Loewe

(Picture courtesy )




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