What to Wear this Valentine’s Day

Hey Loves
I hope all of you are looking forward to stuffing your faces with all kinds of chocolate as I am (this is the only time you can do so without being judged lol). Yes it’s Valentine’s and love is in the air. I don’t believe love should be acknowledged only on February 14th but hey it’s a chance to he extravagant about your love, so why not. Go big or go home right? I for one believe we ought to love hard and love big like …everyday…like…all the time! It is after all the greatest commandment of all –love God and love people as you love yourself.
So glamourzons, go on tell the people around you and in your life that you love them, every chance you get (permission to be mushy granted by Cupid’s advocate) ❤
I put together 2 outfits for you to go out celebrate in style – that’s the only way to live! All the looks feature an assortment ranging from high-end pieces to budget pieces (because we are budget-wise, it’s the IsabellaCoza Effect principle – look a million bucks without spending a million bucks!)
Okay enough chit-chat, let’s get shopping. Just click on the pictures and you will be directed to the respective item on the retailer’s online store. Yes it’s as simple as click…abracadabra…shop

• simplicity is the ultimate sophistication on this outfit

                                 listing canvas aldo-6383-59077-1-catalog1     aldo-9097-33187-1-detail 01_1723310153_SI_00 aldo-4925-30108-1-catalog1


• I kept this look clean and sweet, but still trending with the S/S15 Colors. The dress is such a bold statement on its own so I kept the accessories to a minimal with these lovely LOVE ring for just the right dose of sugar to sweeten the look. The bag is the statement piece. Wear this look with your hair pulled back to show your face ( your date will appreciate it *wink wink*)

sc1402aug21pictga10072 aldo-2491-26897-1-detail01_1722910257_SI_00       01_1723110035_SI_00                           sc1410nov15picrfa10014

Which one is your favorite, comment below. Don’t forget to check out my Valentine’s Day Look-book video on my YouTube Channel here.
As always, God bless and smoochies,

DISCLAIMER : All images copyrights are courtesy of the respective online stores. Happy Valentine’s day wallpaper downloaded here


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