Red My Lips 2015


 Hi Glam squad, Join me this April (2015) for the 3rd annual Red My Lips campaign!!! ♥

“Wear red lipstick all throughout the month of April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) and help raise awareness about sexual violence and SPEAK OUT against victim-blaming! This is not about VANITY. It’s about VISIBILITY. (Kind of like Movember…minus the brilliantly creepy ‘staches.)

Spread the word that RAPISTS are responsible for RAPE…not drinking, short skirts, or makeup. Sexual violence is NOT a WOMEN’S ISSUE. It is a HUMAN ISSUE. It affects us ALL.

Don’t want to wear lipstick? You can still participate! RML has temporary tattoos available, which work great as an alternative (or addition) to lipstick. “, RML FB Page

Buy Tattoos Here: _


To learn more about the organization and see pictures from previous campaigns, please check out the website and follow their main page, by clicking ‘Like’ here –> Red My Lips. You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter @redmylipsorg. And don’t forget to tag them in your RML pics and use the hashtag: #redmylips!

*Logo Usage: Please note that no individual, organization, or company may use their logo for commercial purposes, particularly on merchandise or products they plan to sell without written permission.

* Taken for the RML Facebook page. Check it out here blog signature


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