[Style Diaries] – Winter, meet Colour…

Hello Loves,

Yes, as you have noticed I am trying to be consistent with my blogging now thanks to the gems of wisdom I am getting frombyRegina.com …… and also a huge motivation is coming from you my lovely readers who take the time in their busy day to read, like and comment on my blog, I am grateful and I appreciate each one of you.

We all know how it is easy to just gravitate towards black & greys during winter…..as if winter isn’t washed out enough off color!!! This winter I told myself ” Gugu, darling….you are going to do something new for a change. It’s a new year, think daring, think all is possible, think kaleidoscope, think color……cause only you make the rules when it comes to style” and then I said to myself, well yeah!

So here’s today’s post on coloring in that basic black power suit.

CAM02244 CAM02245 CAM02246 CAM02249 CAM02253 IMG_20150505_123747

HAIR                : Textured bun on natural hair

FACE               : Neutral eyes and bold lip

Happy Coloring!!!!!

Leave a comment below and tell me how you incorporate color into your winter closet, and better yet show me ( tag me on instagram @missgeecoza )

As always, God bless and stay chic & beautiful

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4 thoughts on “[Style Diaries] – Winter, meet Colour…

    1. Thank you, they are a pretty pair. I had for sometime fallen into a white,black and grey wardrobe I became color blind when it comes to clothes. But yes, it is a great and unexpected thing to see a splash of color in the dead of winter. keep coloring!! Love, Gugu


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