-la simplicité est la sophistication supreme –

Hello Loves,

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now but for some reason it never felt complete enough to post. But todays I feel yes this is how I want it to look, or rather how I want to always look 🙂

French women have always known the interpretation of chic sophistication. Too much is just that- too much!

If you want to channel your inner Coco Chanel; then keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it ladylike and look like a woman not a magazine article! You don’t have to wear all the trends at once to be on trend ..get it!

I personally like to look like a woman when Im dressed, one that commands respect and makes ppl open doors for me …I know, I’m old fashioned like that! But hey who isn’t a sucker for good manners!

Enough about me..back to the post..I have already mentioned the cardinal rule for the ultimate French wardrobe experience: simplicity.


– Stick to basics/neutrals

-Clothes should be well fitting and well tailored

-You need a coat for every season

-Stripes are always a good idea

-You need to own ballet flats

-A structure bag/tote is a must

-A splash of red lipstick on a clean face is the ultimate makeup look

– The hair should look effortless

-Simple is always more

-Say with me : “midi length is chic”

Maintenant passons jeu “Dress Up”


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All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

As always God bless. Stay chic & beautiful

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