The Best Wash n Go Ever!

Hello sunshines,

I have not done a hair care review in the longest of times so I thought let me post one today.

I went and got myself Aunt Jackie’s Haircare products yesterday as today is washday and wanted to try them out as I liked the rewievs I saw on YouTube. So I got these three awesome products to try out


My hair was extremely dry and flaky, I used some heat a while back and I needed to give it some TLC as my regimen was just not working on the problem anymore. And I must say I was refreshingly suprised by just how great these worked on my hair!!

The Oh so clean shampoo washed my hair and scalp prestine without removing the natural oils. And the bonus iis this is a softening shampoo as well, and my hair was absolutely feeling faboulous and smelling like cocopine!

I followed with the knot on my watch detangling moisturizer and watch the knots dissappear like magic. now every natural know that it is unwritten law that when you detangle you start fro the end and work your way down to the roots. Not with this stuff! I applied 2 dime sized amounts onto my entire head and combed through from root to end without encountering any snags and the knot just went untied without and problems, can we say love!

Finally I finger combed the curl lala custard through my hair and instantly my curls popped just like that, even at the back of my head where there was much heat damage!!

IMG_20150529_133909 IMG_20150529_134027 IMG_20150529_134137 IMG_20150529_131727 IMG_20150529_133239 IMG_20150529_133356


It’s a thumbs up for these products from me


Remember to seal with an oil as the hair will fell a bit dry if you forget this step.


Aunt Jackie’s products are available at Just On Cosmetics nationwide

As always God bless, stay chic and beautiful;

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