Dont Give Up

Hello sunshines,

I have been in a sort of a funk for some time now hence the drought of posts. I apologize for that profusely. So where have I been and what’s been happening in my life?

As some of you know I’m running a home-based boutique and it is at it’s baby stages and I do not want to lie to you, it is hard, hard, hard! To start a business with no formal funding, and waiting and praying on a grant application has left me bruised and tired with a sprinkle of self-doubt. Questions like ” Was it wise to go it alone and quite the 9-5?”, “Can I really do this, do I have what it takes?” have been mulling around in my mind and oftentimes taken my joy away 😦

But everytime I style a customer, or do a client’s hair and makeup and see the smile on their faces and glint in their eyes; I know I was born to do this and I remember how fulifilling it is to me.

So this is to say, when you feel like you are between a hard place and a rock (like I am feeling right now), remember why you started on the path you are in, cherish those moments of joy you get from what you are chasing and soldier on. You best days will come surely after these trying times.

07cab436beaf1642d06adfa30f5b2990As always, God bless. Stay chic and beautiful

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