Got Bra-blems?

Hello Sunshine’s,

I first would like to wish you all a happy, happy new year and may this be the best, the most successful and the most impeccably styled year ever!

So today I’m writing my first ever collaborated post, how exciting is that! And we are discussing ….drumsroll please….bra problems, yes that so important fella we all need but ever so annoying he gets to be the first one off as soon as I get home(anyone ?)

So I’m one of those tiny chested ladies( proud to be) and believe it or not, shopping for a bra is just plain agony.

If I do find the scarce size 32 AA then the band around my body will be too tight or to wide which either one of the two: cut circulation and weals at the end of the day


A perfect cup and a wide band. Solution here is to hook the bra beyond the three hook sizes which are too big onto a hem or stitching in the actual bra…hello holes! Imagine now having to undress in front of others!!

Now if by some miracle the band fits snuggly around my body, the cups are never the right size, leading to these gaping holes on the top of my bra where the fullness of my girls is clearly lacking! Tighten the straps, you might think…already done and there comes the under boob.  There is no winning here!!!

I wish there would be bra designers who are sensitive to the teeny chested woman and cater for body size + cup size to the T. Maybe that should be my next business venture hey. In the meantime I will be over here with my gaping bra cups or my snug holey bra (as I put my hand inside my shirt to fish out my strapless bra as it makes its way to my navel**)

Please comment down below and let me know if you have any bra- blems you are dealing with or dealt with and what solutions you took to rectify so we can all get to that chic factor in 2016.

Here is a chart created by ThirdLove that I hope will help you as you go pick out your next bra. Definitely check out ThirdLove’s bra collection! Till next time, happy shopping!



Stay chic and beautiful,





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