Love Lessons

Hello Sunshine’s,

Its February and love is in the air. So I thought it would be a good time for us to talk about the lessons I have learned or had to relearn.

So here’s my top Lessons on Love

1. You can’t love from a broken place

It’s quite the norm for us ladies to expect that a relationship will bring us joy and happiness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting happiness, the only problem is getting into a new relationship with wounds from the past. If your last relationship broke you, allow God to heal you first, be happy alone and you will be able to give & accept love without punishing your new man for sins he didn’t commit. A healthy relationship is made up of two whole individuals.

2. Love is what remains when the butterflies die in your stomach.

Love is very different from attraction. We may like the way a person looks or dresses and this may draw us to them. Love is what happens when you are OK with the parts of someone that will never change, their character. And this is only found over time, when both of you make a deliberate decision to spend time together and stick together even in disagreement. Love is unselfish

3. Keep Talking

It of great importance to continue speaking to one another. If the conversation is stopped, assumptions creep in and a small hiccup can become a mountain in minutes and I am also guilty of this( working on it). Be open, be candid about how a certain thing is making you feel so your partner knows how you function.

4. Its a Give & Take thing

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength. Only those who are true to themselves can allow to be vulnerable and this builds trust. Give of yourself, if it works well good for you but if it doesn’t at least you were true to yourself and will have no regrets.

I am by no ways a professional life coach, I’m just sharing from my experiences and from the people close to me. I wish you all the love in the world not just on Valentine’s Day but all year round.

As always God bless, stay chic and beautiful

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